Momentum Energy Advertising shoot by Bonnie Savage

Last month I photographed the stills as part of Momentum Energy's 'Try The Switch' campaign for Melbourne advertising agency t20 group. It was a three day shoot alongside a tvc production company The Directors Group This is the third campaign I have shot for Momentum Energy and all of them have been really different which has been great. The billboards are up now as well as press ads in newspapers and other publication. If you want to see the tvc that accompanies these stills you can see it here

Billboard of Momentum Energy

This was another image from the series that I was really happy with.

Energy photography campaign image

Gangster Photography by Bonnie Savage

I found these amazing images recently that really got me excited. They were taken by the NSW forensic police in the 1920s and are essentially mug shots of gangsters photographed in the police station or the jail. NSW gangsters mug shots in jail in the 1920's

Taken in the day where every type of photography was an art form, before there were point and shoot cameras and photography was easily accessible to the general public, these carefully framed black and white images are just fantastic.

Ralph Lauren has purchased the rights to use these images as part of their ad campaigns. No tracksuit pants or hoodies on these guys...

well dressed 1920's gangster in jail

I'm fascinated by the composition of these and where the photographer has chosen to place the subject within the frame. The detail that the large format camera has produced is also really lovely.

Sidney Kelly circa 1920's

Gangsters in Jail in Australia in the 1920's

Some police photographer put a lot of effort into creating these images and I bet no one appreciated it back in the day!

You can see more examples from this collection on The Age newspaper's website.

Gourmet Traveller Magazine by Bonnie Savage

I recently shot a travel story for GT in Luang Prabang, Laos and it is published in the current issue. The shoot was fantastic and full on. The light is always changing so there's a million ways that you can shoot each temple/hotel/portrait.

Here are some of my favourite images from the shoot which weren't necessarily all included in the magazine.

The above hotel on the left used to be a prison, and the one on the right was a hospital. Both hotels were stunning, really amazingly beautiful ...

It bucketed with rain for three days and nights until eventually the sun came out which was great because its hard to shoot temples and swimming pools in the pouring rain....

factory test shoot by Bonnie Savage

This is from an earlier shoot at a Melbourne shoe factory.

If I have the time, I usually try to fit in a test shoot either in the studio or on location before the shoot. This helps me to refine my lighting setup and it gives me a heads up on any problems that I might need to be aware of.

Usually I use an assistant or sometimes a friend as the subject. Other times it's too early on a Sunday morning and no one wants to get out of bed.... so I'm stuck shooting myself!

Industrial Series by Bonnie Savage

I've started a personal series that explores industries in Victoria which have either completely dried up, or are experiencing a big period of change. Here's a shot from a Melbourne shoe factory which now gets half it's production made in China:

Some of the businesses I'll shoot will have already completely dried up - such as tram conductors and others will be forced to adapt and change with the times.

More examples from this series such as a letterpresss printer can be seen on my site.

This is a really great project for me because I love shooting portraits and I especially love environmental portraits. This gives me an opportunity to delve into people's work lives and learn about industries that I would otherwise know nothing about. I'm also trying to concentrate on colour and the use of textures and repetition in this series.

Above is the first from my series and is of Roberto, an ex tram conductor. I shot this in a very dark tram depot - as you can see I've lit it to look as if its out in the daylight (my set had 10 lights in total) and I have photoshopped out the flashes which were in frame.