New York On Film by Bonnie Savage

Here are some images I shot on a Diana plastic camera in New York that I have just had developed.

I spent all of my university degree and nearly all my assisting days shooting on various formats of film cameras.

While shooting on a plastic camera is really nothing like a proper film camera with aperture and shutter speed control, I still really loved the spontaneity of not being able to instantly see every frame that I took. I also loved film's restriction of only shooting one or two frames at a time - rather than a million frames as sometimes happens when shooting digital.

Gourmet Traveller Magazine by Bonnie Savage

I recently shot a travel story for GT in Luang Prabang, Laos and it is published in the current issue. The shoot was fantastic and full on. The light is always changing so there's a million ways that you can shoot each temple/hotel/portrait.

Here are some of my favourite images from the shoot which weren't necessarily all included in the magazine.

The above hotel on the left used to be a prison, and the one on the right was a hospital. Both hotels were stunning, really amazingly beautiful ...

It bucketed with rain for three days and nights until eventually the sun came out which was great because its hard to shoot temples and swimming pools in the pouring rain....