100 Food Shots For Sunday Life Mag by Bonnie Savage

I have been shooting a different plate of food at a different Melbourne restaurant for 2 years now. Every single week for two years - thats a lot of restaurants and a lot of food! The images are part of a regular column in The Age's Sunday Life magazine.

Boney, Hammer & Tong
Boney, Hammer & Tong

I've loved getting out there a finding new places and discovering new food. I thought I would celebrate the milestone of shooting 100 restaurants (even though I've shot a few more than that by the time I've sat down to write this blog post) by sharing with you some of my favourites.

Lezzet, Horn Please
Lezzet, Horn Please
Sezar, Cumulus
Sezar, Cumulus

Of course, without a doubt, I always eat the food that I photograph!

Collingwood Children's farm, Hanoi Hannah
Collingwood Children's farm, Hanoi Hannah
Eureeka 89, Little Hunter
Eureeka 89, Little Hunter

Momentum Energy Advertising shoot by Bonnie Savage

Last month I photographed the stills as part of Momentum Energy's 'Try The Switch' campaign for Melbourne advertising agency t20 group. It was a three day shoot alongside a tvc production company The Directors Group This is the third campaign I have shot for Momentum Energy and all of them have been really different which has been great. The billboards are up now as well as press ads in newspapers and other publication. If you want to see the tvc that accompanies these stills you can see it here

Billboard of Momentum Energy

This was another image from the series that I was really happy with.

Energy photography campaign image

Borsch, Vodka and Tears Cookbook by Bonnie Savage

Here is a vodka drenched Polish cookbook I shot for publishers Hardie Grant. It was based around a restaurant in Melbourne called Borsch, Vodka and Tears who are a south side institution. These are a few of my favourite spreads from the book, and some behind the scenes pics as well.

Hugh Ford designed the book, Benny Roff wrote it and prepped the food at the shoot for us, and the lovely Sarah De Nardi did the styling.

Front cover of the book

The brief was to be a little messy which is great for me because I love shooting my food to look a little moody and gritty. The shoot was a week long and boy did I learn a lot about Polish food.

Preparation of a champagne cocktail

Two cocktails

Table full of polish vodka varieties

A table full of Polish Vodka

Pickled Polish Soup

Borsch with dumplings

Chocolate Crepes with strawberries

Behind the scenes of the shoot

Benny in the Kitchen

behind the scenes

Gourmet Traveller Magazine by Bonnie Savage

I recently shot a travel story for GT in Luang Prabang, Laos and it is published in the current issue. The shoot was fantastic and full on. The light is always changing so there's a million ways that you can shoot each temple/hotel/portrait.

Here are some of my favourite images from the shoot which weren't necessarily all included in the magazine.

The above hotel on the left used to be a prison, and the one on the right was a hospital. Both hotels were stunning, really amazingly beautiful ...

It bucketed with rain for three days and nights until eventually the sun came out which was great because its hard to shoot temples and swimming pools in the pouring rain....