Momentum Energy Advertising shoot by Bonnie Savage

Last month I photographed the stills as part of Momentum Energy's 'Try The Switch' campaign for Melbourne advertising agency t20 group. It was a three day shoot alongside a tvc production company The Directors Group This is the third campaign I have shot for Momentum Energy and all of them have been really different which has been great. The billboards are up now as well as press ads in newspapers and other publication. If you want to see the tvc that accompanies these stills you can see it here

Billboard of Momentum Energy

This was another image from the series that I was really happy with.

Energy photography campaign image

Momentum Energy Campaign by Bonnie Savage

I recently shot this ad to align with a TVC. It was a really fun job to work on with the guys at Melbourne agency Twenty20 We shot it in a lovely old boat builder's shed in Williamstown.

This isn't the final artwork - it still has the Lorem Ipsum type.

Mockup of Momentum final artwork

I thought I would also post the initial brief that I received here as well.

As you can see, there's quite a bit of deviation in the final image. I opted to have the man behind rather than in front as he was too distracting from all the action happening on the bike.

Original Brief

The challenge for me with this shoot was to get the most out of the awesome location we were in, but also not let it get too distracting from the main focus of the image. I'm really happy with the results and will be going back there to shoot some personal work.

Here's a quick behind the scenes image.

Me on set