Self Promotion

New Folio Shoot by Bonnie Savage

I finally found the time to shoot some new work for my folio - there's always an excuse to put these ideas on the back burner. These were shot with a stylist and good friend Tina Vanspall of Vintage Movement here in Melbourne.

I find shooting personal work can be more difficult that commercial jobs sometimes as there are no perimeters, the sky is the limit to the style and execution of the work. For this shoot we were going for a vintage messy theme so Tina whipped up some new backgrounds and we made good use of some new props we have collected on our travels.

Building a folio by Bonnie Savage

It's been a busy year for me here at BSP and I'm well overdue for a folio update. This is always a difficult task as I often find that I am attached to certain images and am desperate to put them in my book but sometimes they just don't fit. So I spend many days deliberating over it and having conversations both with myself and others on what should stay in and what should go.

The first step for me is to get small prints of everything that I feel might make it into my new folio and lay them out on the floor so I can see it all together.


Then I try to look at which images stand out as being the strongest, most interesting and appropriate, and also which images I feel will best fit together. The connection between the images could be anything from their mood, subject matter, texture, or colour. At this stage I start organising them into groups and eventually line them up into some kind of connected order.


Then I think about it for probably far too long!

I love having a printed folio to accompany my website as a marketing tool. In my opinion, people spend so much of their day stuck in front of a computer (like you and me right now) that it's nice to have the opportunity to look at prints and to actually have a conversation instead of always communicating online or on the phone. I will never stop producing a printed folio...

Bonnie Savage looking at her print organising the new folio

Experimental Folio Shoot by Bonnie Savage

Stylist Lisa La Barbera and I had a lot of fun putting these images together. We shot at The Establishment Studios which is a beautiful props hire place that also has some really lovely spaces to shoot in.

White Trunk
White Trunk

These images were not commissioned, they are the result of some exploration of propping, lighting and composition that lisa and I were working on. I really love the narrative feel that they have and the subtle use of colour in them.

Camera Cookie Campaign by Bonnie Savage

For my latest mailout campaign I have decided to send out camera cookies. Delicious cookies carefully crafted to resemble cameras.

The above cookie is designed to look like a camera from the 60's called Diana. The base is a butter cookie, and royal icing adds the colour.

This one is designed to replicate a polaroid camera from the 60's.

I also had some of my photographs printed on some of the cookies, so that they look like polaroid prints. They are completely edible and some of them are specific jobs I've done for clients.

I used stickers with my logo and website details to seal the back of the packaging and keep them fresh, then I wrapped them in brown paper and string ready to send. After my view master campaign, I am getting pretty skilled at wrapping boxes in brown paper!

Viewmaster Self Promotion by Bonnie Savage

I had these custom made with my latest images on the reels to mail out to clients and potential clients.

Each reel has 7 images (they're doubled - one for the left and one for the right eye)

I also made some folded postcards that were designed to fit snuggly into the boxes. They gave a small introduction to myself and Bonnie Savage Photography - thanks to Oli Wright for designing them (and my logo).

I had a rubber stamp made up with my logo (harder than it sounds...) and stamped it on the lids of all the boxes.

I didn't want any postage marks on the actual boxes and wanted the parcels to have more of an older feel to them, so I wrapped them up in brown paper and tied them up with brown string.

Off to the post office!

factory test shoot by Bonnie Savage

This is from an earlier shoot at a Melbourne shoe factory.

If I have the time, I usually try to fit in a test shoot either in the studio or on location before the shoot. This helps me to refine my lighting setup and it gives me a heads up on any problems that I might need to be aware of.

Usually I use an assistant or sometimes a friend as the subject. Other times it's too early on a Sunday morning and no one wants to get out of bed.... so I'm stuck shooting myself!