Industrial Series / by Bonnie Savage

I've started a personal series that explores industries in Victoria which have either completely dried up, or are experiencing a big period of change. Here's a shot from a Melbourne shoe factory which now gets half it's production made in China:

Some of the businesses I'll shoot will have already completely dried up - such as tram conductors and others will be forced to adapt and change with the times.

More examples from this series such as a letterpresss printer can be seen on my site.

This is a really great project for me because I love shooting portraits and I especially love environmental portraits. This gives me an opportunity to delve into people's work lives and learn about industries that I would otherwise know nothing about. I'm also trying to concentrate on colour and the use of textures and repetition in this series.

Above is the first from my series and is of Roberto, an ex tram conductor. I shot this in a very dark tram depot - as you can see I've lit it to look as if its out in the daylight (my set had 10 lights in total) and I have photoshopped out the flashes which were in frame.